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We'll email you one or two surveys a month, and each will only take five to seven minutes of your time to complete. That's it!
It makes your care better.

We use the information you give us to improve and enhance our services so your care is more convenient than ever.
You can get sweet rewards.

Some of our surveys come along with the opportunity to earn incentives (like Amazon gift cards!).

What kind of things are you going to ask me?

Easy questions, like ...
  • How can we make choosing a doctor easier for you?
  • Would you rather see a male or female doctor for certain situations?
  • How can we make our online visits even better?
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What are you going to do with my answers?

First and foremost, all your answers are completely confidential (obviously). We combine your responses with those of other members and use them to gain a deeper understanding of your lives, how you feel about health and health care, and what kinds of changes you'd like to see.

The information we've received from previous surveys has led us to create new tools to make your health care experience better.

  • Online visits so you can get the care you need anywhere, anytime
  • Ratings and reviews to help you find a doctor who's perfect for you
  • An app that puts your entire Aurora experience at your fingertips

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